Event Center and PODS

Who are offices and PODS for?

  1. Anyone who wants to look more professional when dealing with other wholesalers, sellers, buyers, or anyone in your business.
  2. Anyone who wants to be in close proximity to Chris & Lorissa as well as the FlipOut Academy Team!
  3. Anyone who needs to get out of their home office so they can actually focus and build their business
  4. Anyone who wants to start building business credit to help their business.

Who are offices and PODS NOT for?

  1. Corporate cronies.  Our office’s are designed to be fun, up lifting, energizing and most of all…. designed to support entrepreneurs!
  2. Those who need a place to live.  While we LOVE your hustle spirit, this is not a second home 😛
  3. Low or no energy entrepreneurs.  If you’re looking for an office space so you can close off the world and not be energized then this isn’t for you!

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